Car electrical repair in bolton, on

Leave the tricky electric work to us

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Avoid hours of headaches and frustration by letting Albion Auto Sales & Service take care of your automobile's electric work. When it comes to diagnosing and repairing electrical systems in automobiles, you need to have the proper knowledge, tools, and equipment to ensure problems are accurately fixed and your vehicle is safe for the road. If your car or truck is in need of electrical work, turn to the experienced professionals at Albion Auto Sales & Service, for top quality service at affordable prices. 

Alternator Testing & Replacement

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The alternator is a vital component of your vehicles electrical system. Without an alternator, the battery will be constantly draining as it loses its charge by supplying power to the starter on start up. Once the engine is running the vehicles computer system, lights, radio etc. are a constant drain on the battery. Eventually as the battery depletes the vehicle will start running rough and eventually shut off all together. It is the alternator that keeps the vehicles battery fully charged as the battery level is decreased it is constantly being recharges any time the engine is running.

Starter testing & Replacement

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A car starter is a small electric motor. Its role is to start the engine. It does so by engaging the flywheel and spinning the engine, giving the engine enough speed to start. Since the starter is an electric motor it has wearable parts inside such as brushes, slip rings, and stator to name a few. Over time the internal components wear causing it be either not be strong enough to turn the engine over fast enough for it to start, or stop turning the engine at all. Let our expert technician, mechanics at Albion Auto Sales & Service test it and keep you safely on the road.


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