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Since 1997, the Albion Auto has provided the highest quality customer service and mechanical repair nearby in  Bolton, ON


Since 1997, the Albion Auto has provided the highest quality customer service and mechanical repair nearby in  Bolton, ON

Mechanic shop near me in bolton

Modern mechanic shop in Bolton, ON. Visit us for all your car repair and maintenance needs. From a quick lube oil change to brakes, exhaust, muffler, wheel bearing, shocks, struts, wheel alignment, and engine repair's, windshield repair, windshield replacement, and everything in between. We do it all. Contact us today for a free car repair estimate.


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MAINTENANCE SERVICES | Keep Your Car Running Smoothly  | Oil Change

Auto repair experts agree, that sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is one of the most important steps car owners can take to keep their vehicles running smoothly and safely. Your vehicle needs to routinely have its fluids flushed, oil change, hoses and belts replaced, and mechanical systems checked by our technicians for signs of potential issues. To avoid major car repair's and a visit to the local mechanic shop nearby, follow a regular maintenance schedule. Quality vehicle maintenance is very important to the longevity and reliability of your vehicle.   

There is a real chance that, going without an oil change for too long can do majordamage to your vehicle's engine. Without the proper amount of clean engine oil, the many moving components of the engine will be starving for engine oil, and could result in a mechanical  failure. Mechanical failures such as crank bearings, or valve train components are some of the most expensive auto repairs you can face. The result of a mechanical failure is the car leaving you stranded on the side of the road, or wherever you happen to be.  This will also cause a need for a tow truck to tow your car to the mechanic shop, where it will need to have a inspection done to fully investigate the cause and point of failure.  If you’re due for, auto repairs, vehicle service, or maintenance, such as brakes, exhaust, AC repairs, wheel alignment, transmission repair, or need new tires, call or visit the friendly, knowledgable, affordable mechanics at Albion Auto Sales & Service today! We are nearby serving Bolton / Caledon and surrounding areas. A car repair is usually the last thing people want to spend there hard earned money on. Regular maintenance goes along way to avoiding unexpected repairs.

We look forward to keeping you safely on the road.

Auto Repair Shop | Affordable Pricing | Bolton

Need your transmission repaired? No problem! How about brake service, a wheel alignment, or even a fast, no-frills oil change or quick lube? We’ve got you covered. No matter what type of car repair or automotive maintenance service you need, our team of qualified car mechanic‘s appreciate that your vehicle is large investment. Which is why we back every car repair and service with a 12-month/20,000 km warranty on all automobile repairs, using quality new parts. Contact us today for a free car repair estimate.

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Auto Repairs | Quality Caring Service

Albion Auto Sales & Service is independently owned and operated mechanic shop, providing full-service quality car repair and maintenance services in Bolton / Caledon and surrounding areas. We use the latest OEM diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. We treat every auto repair as if it were our own safety at stake, and test and diagnose issues properly and efficiently which save you money. Don't trust just anyone with vital components such as your brakes, trust our automotive technicians to get the job done right. And on time. Have your brake job done by the qualified and caring mechanics nearby in Bolton, ON at Albion Auto Sales & Service. 

No Job is too big or too small. We do everything from light bulbs to major engine repairs, including, brake jobs, Alignment, Tire sales, quick lube oil change, & regular maintenance services, steering & suspension, wheel bearings, exhaust/mufflers and much more. Our team of highly trained mechanic 's nearby in Bolton, look forward to serving you, and keeping your vehicle safely on the road.

When your car suffers a breakdown, it can be more than just a major inconvenience. A mechanical failure can be dangerous to you, your passengers, and other drivers. Depending on which part or system fails and the severity of the failure, you could be left unable to control your vehicle.

The average car has about 30,000 components that work together to provide you with a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. With so many different pieces and moving parts, you should be sure to trust a professional quality, affordable and caring auto repair shop to fix and maintain your vehicle - car, SUV or light truck. And have the work done by qualified mechanic 's. If you suspect there is an issue with your car, or SUV, bring it to Albion Auto Sales & Service to have it repaired and also the maintenance done by a qualified automotive technician locally situated in Bolton, ON. Come visit for all your auto maintenance and car repairs.

Car Mechanic Shop | Keeping You Safe | Expert Mechanic ‘s nearby

We understand that your car is essential to your everyday life and is a major investment. We do our best to ensure your convenience, we care for your car as if it were our own, and we help you repair, maintain and extend your car’s life at a competitive price. We have caring, highly qualified technicians that love what they do, and work efficiently to get the vehicle back to you in a timely fashion. Licenced mechanic MTO Safety Inspections and Annual Inspections On trailers and commercial trucks. Complete auto repair facility. Albion Auto Sales & Service locally owned and operated in Bolton.

WARRANTY | All Work Is Guaranteed | Car Repair Centre

Albion Auto Sales & Service uses Premium Replacement parts to ensure a lasting car repair. for your motor vehicle. You get the personal touch of a locally owned business with the security of a minimum 1 / year 20,000 km warranty on all new parts. Our qualified and caring car mechanics are nearby and ready to repair your car, SUV, or light truck. We are your best choice for a complete auto repair facility and auto maintenance service centre in Bolton, ON

Reasons You Should Choose Us for Your Auto Repairs and Maintenance!

1)  Locally Owned And Operated

One of the most important things to look for in an auto repair shop is to ensure that it's locally owned. This means the business owner knows how important customer service is, because they depend on a good relationship with the community in order to keep their doors open.

If your vehicle is due for auto maintenance in Bolton you can trust Albion Auto  to take great care of you. Our auto maintenance facility meets all of the above requirements! Give us a call at 905-857-8413 to learn more or stop by our auto maintenance shop in Caledon for fast and accurate service!

2)  Quality Replacement Parts

At Albion Auto we only use manufacturer equivalent replacement parts and fluids. We strongly believe that quality parts are very important in the auto repair industry. Cheap parts are just that, cheaply made and not properly inspected for quality consistency. Some can be down right dangerous over time. Safety and reliability is our number one goal.

3)  No Appointment Necessary

When you need routine maintenance it shouldn't be a big ordeal. Being able to cruise into an auto shop and have the services completed in a reasonable amount of time, without the hassle of scheduling an appointment is always a relief. We do our best to get you in for service and back on the road as soon as possible.

4)  Warranty Backed Auto Repairs

At Albion Auto every auto repair utilizing a new part has a minimum 1 year/20,000km warranty. A lot of the parts we use carry 3 and some even 5 year warranties. We will advise you of the exact warranty when you pick up your automobile.

5)  Expert Technicians 

Top auto mechanic’s fully qualified to get the job done efficiently and properly. Caring, honest, meticulous. Our technicians love what they do, and they treat your vehicle as if it were there own.

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Expert Brake Repair in Bolton / Caledon, ON

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Quick Brake Check Inspections

The brakes are the vehicle’s most important safety feature. No matter how well your vehicle’s other systems are operating, if the braking system is malfunctioning, you’re not road ready. The earliest warning sign that a brake repair is needed is the high pitched squeal when you apply the brakes. Brakes are designed to give you this early alert when the brake pads have worn too low. This is the best time to visit Albion Auto Sales & Service in Bolton / Caledon, ON. Your local car mechanic shop.

Quality Oil Change in BOLTON, ON / Caledon

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Clean & Consistent Oil  Maintenance           

The key to your vehicle’s quality performance and longevity is consistent service attention to the engine. Oil changes are the most important maintenance service for the engine. Albion Auto Sales & Service in Bolton / Caledon, ON would love the opportunity to design a maintenance service plan that’s perfectly suited for your vehicle’s age, mileage and the manufacturer’s recommendation. Come visit us for your auto maintenance and car repairs.

Wheel Alignment in bolton, caledon ON

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Do you find yourself fighting the steering wheel of a car that constantly tries to pull to the right or left? Are you noticing an unusual pattern of wear along the inside or outside edge of one or both front tires? Chances are you’re in need of a wheel alignment

A vehicle with out-of-spec wheel alignment costs you money in terms of premature tire wear and poorer fuel economy; the wheel that’s skewed out at an angle is “dragged along” and causes excess friction and rolling resistance. In addition, tire wear due to a poorly-aligned vehicle will negate a tire warranty. Call your local car mechanic shop today, for all your auto maintenance and car repairs.

Tire Sales Bolton, ON

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The main functions of a vehicle's tires include supporting the vehicle load, transmitting traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorbing road shocks, and changing and maintaining the direction of travel. To ensure these functions are being adequately met, there are some important things to inspect on each of your vehicle's tires on a regular basis, including the tread depth of your tires, the tire wear, the air pressure, and any damage or signs of deterioration.

Tread depth is essential to a well performing tire. During periods of heavy rain, water accumulates on the road, which without the proper traction from your tires can be hazardous. During these harsh conditions, the grooves on your tires work to siphon water away from the surface of the tires. If the tread on the tires is too low, it can become difficult for enough water to be carried out from beneath the tires, which will increase the possibility that you could lose control of the vehicle. When a vehicle is traveling too fast, or the tire tread is too low, and are not able to channel enough water out from beneath the tire, hydroplaning may occur. Hydroplaning is what happens when your vehicle's tires lose contact with the road and skims across a thin layer of water instead, causing a loss of full control of the vehicle. Do not let this happen to you. Call the experts at Albion Auto to get a quote on new tires today, by clicking the button below, or calling us directly at 905-857-8413.

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AC Performance Check

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Albion Auto Sales & Service is your   one stop auto repair shop for AC repair and so much more! At Albion Auto Sales & Service, all AC repair and AC services are handled by trained technicians. Your car is in good hands with these expert auto technicians, and they will examine your car, SUV, or light truck A/C system to make sure it is working to specifications. This will ensure the AC system is ready to cool you down when you need it. When temperatures rise, there's nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cool, air conditioned vehicle. Also nothing worse than being stuck in traffic, barely moving and the AC system is blowing warm air. As the vehicle ages, A/C fittings become loose, O-rings swell or split, hoses and seals wear out and your refreshingly icy air stops. Get the ice cold air back with our AC performance check. This will ensure that when the hot weather arrives you will enjoy a comfortable ride in your AC climate controlled vehicle. Our expert auto mechanics offer high quality car AC service and AC repair at affordable prices. Quality affordable and caring. Visit us for all your auto maintenance and car repairs. In Bolton Near me. You wont be disappointed.

Check Engine Light & Diagnostics

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Advanced Engine Diagnostics! Albion Auto Sales & Service should be at the top of your list for check engine light repairs in Bolton / Caledon, ON. Most of our customers are not interested in the technical aspects, but we are more than happy to bring you with us through the entire diagnostic and repair process. We discourage all of our customers from attempting to self-diagnose their vehicle’s check engine light. There’s really no way of telling what’s is causing the issue without our vehicle manufacturer, OE level diagnostic equipment. Your check engine light could be caused by a simple loose gas cap, or a complex transmission internal issue. Of all the questions that you may have, the who is the easiest to answer. Albion Auto Sales & Service should be the Number ONE choice! When you choose our auto mechanic shop, you can be confident that all of your questions will be answered soon, if not immediately! We are nearby and when you are in need of a car repair, we look forward to seeing or hearing from you. Call your local car mechanic today.








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