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What is an immobilizer?

An immobilizer is a security device installed in vehicles or equipment to prevent theft by prohibiting unauthorized individuals from starting or moving them. Unlike tracking and recovery systems, which come into play after a theft has occurred, immobilizers serve as a proactive theft prevention measure.

They work by automatically activating when the vehicle or equipment is turned off. Once armed, the immobilizer interrupts the operation of critical engine components or control units, making it only possible for someone with the proper key or authorization to start the engine or move the vehicle.

This mechanism ensures that even if a thief gains physical access to the vehicle or equipment, they will be unable to operate it, significantly reducing the risk of theft.

Secure Your Assets & Unlock Savings with SecureTech Immobilizers

Capture Attention: "Ever worried about your vehicle or equipment being stolen? Not anymore!"

Build Interest: "With a one-time installation, SecureTech Immobilizers offer lifetime theft protection for your property. Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your vehicles and equipment."

Generate Desire: "Imagine never having to pay monthly fees for your peace of mind. Unlike tracking devices that come with recurring costs and only help after the fact, our immobilizers ensure thieves can't even start your vehicle or machinery. Plus, the potential for insurance premium discounts makes Mastergard an investment that pays for itself."

Encourage Action: "Compatible with all vehicle and equipment types (12v or 24v) and effective in any location or condition, SecureTech Immobilizers are the universal solution to your theft prevention needs. Secure your peace of mind today and start saving. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for insurance discounts!"

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