Why a Brake Service is Required

On all makes and models, brakes are primarily manufactured from steel and other metallic components. They are exposed to high heat and weather conditions, and there is no way to avoid it. When metal is in contact with moisture, corrosion is the result.

Not only do rust and corrosion occur, but dirt and brake dust build-up on your brakes. That includes calipers, slider pins, bolts, and even the rotor and pad surfaces. This corrosion and dust buildup eventually will affect the way your brakes operate. Caliper sliders can bind or seize and the pads can get stuck in their holders, resulting in the pads not releasing fully, causing premature wear.

On most vehicles, a brake service every 20,000 km should suffice.

What Happens if I Don’t Get My Brakes Serviced?

Excessive wear is the result of neglecting this maintenance item. It is possible you could hear that telltale squealing noise of worn-out brake pads well before it should be due. At that point, you will need a brake and rotors service where the brake pads and/or rotors will need to be replaced instead of simply serviced and is the case of drum brakes -adjusted.

How It’s Done

Brake service is a process in which the brakes are cleaned, sliders serviced and lubricated and the holders where the pads sit have the corrosion removed and sliding surface lubricated. Corrosion and brake dust is removed and from all surfaces.

A certified technician removes your car’s wheels and uses a combination of cleaners and abrasives to service your brakes. The brake caliper and pad sliders are lubricated for easy movement, helping your brakes last their full expected lifecycle.

Brake service, including cleaning and adjusting your brakes should be part of your regular maintenance schedule. On every service visit, a technician will report on the condition of your brakes. They’ll let you know if a brake service is recommended on your vehicle.

Brake Service Near Me?

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