Winter Tires Go a Long Way to Ensuring the Safety of You and the Ones You Love

Now that the weather has turned cold in Bolton, and we have already had snow on the ground. It is a great time to make sure that your car, light truck, or SUV is ready to handle the slippery, harsh conditions we are sure to be getting more of!

Here are a few pre-winter tips for you to make sure your vehicle is ready.

Check Tread Depth. The rule of thumb is that 3mm is the bare minimum amount of tread you need to be safe on the road. When tires reach 2mm, they are officially unsafe to drive on. You can look for wear indicator bars on your tires. If the wear bars are flush with the tread of the tire, it is time for new ones, or stop by our shop for an inspection.

Check Tire Air Pressure. Low air pressure can affect your tire’s shape and how it handles the road. Be sure to keep an air pressure gauge in your vehicle in order to check your tires when they start to appear low. Many service stations have gauges and air compressors available as well.

Check your Spare Tire. Most vehicles still have one, but is it in decent condition? It’s a good idea to check on your spare tire twice a year to make sure it’s ready for the road (pressure, tread, etc.) in case you need to use it.

Be Prepared. Emergencies can pop up in an instant so it is a good idea to be ready with supplies in case something goes wrong with your car. For example, having salt in your trunk can give you traction if you’re stuck in the snow.

Consider Winter Tires. It is not always necessary to get winter tires for your vehicle but they definitely give your vehicle better traction as well as shorter stopping distances on the wet, snow-covered and even dry cold roads.

Keep Your washer fluid topped up. During winter driving conditions it is essential to have plenty of washer fluid to keep your windshield clean ensuring proper visibility.

Check your wiper blades. Making sure your wiper blades are in good shape ensures proper visibility when needed. Dried out or torn wiper blades make for dangerous driving in severe weather conditions.

To obtain a comprehensive winter inspection, be sure to swing by Albion Auto – our technicians have the know-how and equipment necessary to diagnose and assess your vehicle to keep you safe on the road this winter! Schedule your winter inspection ONLINE or give us a call at 905-857-8413.

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