Car Tune Up in Bolton at Albion Auto

Modern automobiles are engineering marvels and finely-tuned machines that would seem futuristic to car owners just a few decades ago. Even with all the advancements, your vehicle still requires regular maintenance to function optimally. Tune-up in Bolton at Albion Auto

Generally speaking, you should consider getting a tune-up every 80,000 Km at the very minimum to avoid encountering any significant problems with crucial vehicle components in the future.

As oil changes are done every 5,000 Km or every three months, getting an inspection every other time you get this service done, twice a year, is also a good idea to maintain your vehicle’s health and avoid any potential issues.

While exact details can differ from shop to shop depending on factors such as market climate, a modern tune-up will generally consist of filters and spark plugs being replaced, the fuel system and throttle body being cleaned and a comprehensive fluid flush.

If you’re not sure how long it’s been since your last tune-up, here are a few signs you should get one performed soon:

You increased Fuel Consumption. If you’re filling your tank up more often than usual, there’s a decent chance something is out-of-whack in your engine, and you need a tune-up.

You are knocking/Pinging Sounds. When you hear either of these noises, particularly during acceleration, your vehicle definitely needs service. There’s a chance your engine makes these noises due to using the wrong octane fuel level, but better safe than sorry!

Hard Starting. If it takes a few tries to get your engine started more than once within a short timeframe, you should head to an auto shop ASAP.

If you need to schedule a tune-up, inspection or anything related to your vehicle’s health, call Albion Auto at 905-857-8413 – our trained technicians are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

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