Battery Maintenance

As we encounter the cold weather here in Bolton, ON, you will undoubtedly be contending with many issues as you try and stay warm and safe while dealing with blizzards and icy conditions. A dead car battery is one of the most common and frustrating ordeals during the cold winter months.

Cold temperatures affect your battery in a couple of negative ways. Since oil tends to thicken in cold weather, it takes more energy for your engine to turn over. Also, freezing temperatures slow down the chemical reaction inside batteries to generate the current necessary to crank the engine.

Here are three things you can do to avoid encountering problems with your car battery between now and spring:

Get your battery tested. If your battery is three years old or older, it is recommended that a battery test be performed on it to ensure it is performing to an acceptable standard. Even new batteries can lose significant power in below-freezing temperatures, so having an expert take a quick look at your battery, starting and charging system is a good idea.

Give it a Break. You use car accessories that draw power from your battery, forcing it to work harder and drain quicker. Accessories powered by your battery can include lights, your sound system and electrical devices plugged into the internal power socket(s).

Trickle Up. Investing in a' trickle charger' is a simple and popular way to ensure your battery is fully charged. These low-amp chargers are easy to install/use and take pressure off your alternator, which can only produce a small amount of wattage and wasn’t designed to charge a dead battery.

Winter is a challenging time for drivers in Caledon, and being stranded with a car that won’t start is the last thing anyone wants to deal with this time of year. If you have any issues creating your vehicle or have any questions about its health, call Albion Auto at 905-857-8413 or book an appointment online – our professional technicians are dedicated to keeping your car safe and reliable every season.

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