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At Albion Auto Sales & Service, all AC repair and A/C services are performed by trained technicians. At Albion Auto, your car is in good hands. Our expert auto mechanics will examine your car, SUV, or light truck A/C system to make sure it is working to specifications. The inspection will ensure its ready to cool you down when you need it. When temperatures rise, there’s nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cold, air-conditioned vehicle. 


As the vehicle ages, A/C fittings become loose, O-rings swell or split, and hoses and seals wear out. The wear causes the refrigerant to leak out, causing your A/C to stop blowing cold. Get the ice-cold air back with our air conditioner performance check, so you are ready when the hot weather arrives. Our expert auto technicians offer the best car AC service and air conditioning repair, at affordable prices. Quality affordable and caring.


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An A/C system is not 100% airtight,

It can be nearly airtight, but refrigerant is always trying to push its way out and into the air.


You generally won't see it or hear it

You generally won’t see it or hear it when it happens.


the SAE says the average model year 2017

The SAE says the average model year 2017 car leaks 0.41 ounces of refrigerant per year.


Refrigerant is a liquid when pressurized

Refrigerant is a liquid when pressurized inside your car’s A/C system, but it leaks out as a colourless gas.


R134a systems do not leak as much

R134a systems do not leak as much as the old R12 systems did


It was a significant improvement

It was a significant improvement from 2001 when the European Union estimated the cars built that year leaked an average of 2.36 ounces per year.

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Dont trust just anyone with your air conditionong system. Our team of trained technicians will get your ac back up and running, efficiently, and affordably.

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How often should my A/C be inspected?

Annual car air conditioning Inspection is sufficient to check system condition and overall performance. Also, a service of the car air conditioning system should be carried out at least every two years even if it appears to be working well. Statistics that you lose between 20-30% of the initial refrigerant charge over a two year period. Albion Auto, Bolton’s Air Conditioning Specialist, can provide a comprehensive list of all checks carried out and produce a report on the condition of the system. 


The answer to this is ‘yes’ it does, but not by much. You could have the windows open, but that would increase wind resistance which can add up to 10% to your fuel consumption, especially at speed. And don’t forget the extra noise and pollution through that open window. To keep the system lubricated, you should run your car air conditioning system at least once a week. Occasionally running the ac system is especially important in the winter. Without the occasional run time, the compressor can seize up, potentially costing you more in the future for repairs.

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