Maintenance for Your Car in Bolton

Many people are committed to being environmental friendly, such as using “green” household products, recycling, etc. The fact is, every driver can save money and natural resources regardless of the kind of vehicle they drive. How do you ask? Simply by keeping up with the basic auto repair services needed for their car. Even though you will have to pay for seemingly minor auto repair services periodically, such as oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, etc., your vehicle will run cleaner for longer, and you can avoid the cost of a major auto repair due to neglect.

Here are three tips to consider that will help you keep money in the bank while also keeping the environment clean:

  1. Follow the recommended vehicle maintenance schedule. Found in your owner’s manual, following this schedule will enhance the overall performance and operation of your vehicle so that it runs cleaner with less toxic emissions, fuel economy will increase, and your car will remain a reliable means of transportation—saving you the cost of a new vehicle and lower insurance rates.
  2. Use rebuilt or remanufactured components. It is a fact of vehicle ownership that if you keep a car long enough, it will eventually require some engine or transmission repair. Discuss the auto repair options with your mechanic before junking your vehicle and heading for a car dealership. It may be wiser to choose a repair option using a rebuilt or remanufactured engine or transmission than making payments on a new car.
  3. Recycle used parts. Dispose of used car parts, motor oil, and other fluids, batteries, and tires in an environmentally friendly manner. Your auto shop will be happy to assist you in disposing of these items.

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