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Our quick and convenient oil and filter changes make keeping your vehicle’s maintenance schedule a stress-free situation. We know that you have better places to be than our mechanic shop, and we want to make sure you get there safely that’s why we always perform a complimentary comprehensive inspection. That’s the goal of our preventative maintenance services.  Come visit our quick lube bay.

Engine oil is essential for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. It helps to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, keep them cool, and prevent excess wear and tear.

That’s why it’s important to regularly change your engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Neglecting oil changes can lead to a number of serious problems, including:

  • Increased engine wear: Old, dirty oil can’t lubricate the engine as effectively, leading to increased wear and tear on the moving parts.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: Dirty oil can cause the engine to work harder, leading to decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Overheating: Oil helps to dissipate heat from the engine. If the oil becomes dirty or degraded, it can’t do its job as effectively, leading to the risk of overheating.
  • Reduced engine performance: Dirty oil can clog the engine and cause a decrease in power and performance.

Regular oil changes are a simple and affordable way to keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the road. So don’t neglect this important maintenance task – take your car in for an oil change according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your engine (and wallet) will thank you.

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Oil Change Maintenance, Warranty Approved, Extend Your Engine’s Life

An oil change service is one of the least expensive, and most important car maintenance service that is necessary for your vehicle. An oil change is also the easiest way to care for your engine and extend its life. Albion Auto Service in Bolton would love the opportunity to design a maintenance service, and an oil change schedule that’s suitable for you and your vehicle.
We will use your vehicle’s age, mileage, and the manufacturer’s recommendation in the creation of your inspection schedule and LOF. Sufficient clean engine oil to ensure full lubrication is vital to a fully functioning and durable engine. It is essential to understand that having the oil change done regularly and on time is necessary. Failing to have a lube oil filter at regular intervals will shorten the engine’s life, and possibly cause the engine to fail prematurely.
When you do regular oil changes, you will notice, better gas mileage, better overall engine performance, and extended engine life. Our automotive mechanics always use the proper motor oil type and grade during the service
At Albion Auto, we offer all types of oil, which are all warranty-approved. We offer conventional, as well as a semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil change. Make sure that quality (warranty-approved) oil goes into your vehicle.
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Whats included in This Service?
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Check the tire pressure and adjust as needed


Check all exterior light bulb operation,


Top up the windshield washer fluid,


Inspect engine air filter and cabin air filter


check the transmission, dif. fluid condition and level.


A seasonal courtesy inspection.


check the wiper blades condition.


Check brake fluid level

Need An Oil Change?

If your vehicle is due for an oil change service, come to the experts, and save some time, book online!

Oil Change Near Me?

The next time you ask this question, “ oil change near me? “ just look for your local neighborhood Auto Repair Service. Albion Auto Service and keep checking back for specials on oil change and other maintenance services. 


Retain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value | Oil Change Bolton, ON

Regular Lube oil filter change is the key to engine longevity.

The engine oil is what keeps

The engine oil is what keeps all of the moving parts in the vehicle’s engine lubricated, which reduces the friction of the moving components and therefore reduces wear. Your vehicle’s engine needs quality engine oil and filter to ensure reliable, lasting performance.

When the motor oil is overdue

When the motor oil is overdue for a change, the protective qualities and detergents begin to break down, lowering the ability of the engine oil to properly clean and reduce friction in the engine of the car.

Continuing to run your engine
Continuing to run your engine on oil that has lost its ability to prevent friction between the metal parts effectively, is asking for trouble. The excess friction will lead to overworking, overheating, and will result in damage to vital engine components.
If the oil in the engine begins to bake

If the oil in the engine begins to bake, this will create heavy sludge which can plug up your oil pump screen and oil filter. It could also end up leaving your vehicle with little or no engine oil available to reduce the friction in the engine.

Depending on your vehicle,
Depending on your vehicle, an engine rebuild or replacement can be as expensive as buying another car. Let us help you avoid a total engine failure by following our oil change schedule. Visit us at Albion Auto Sales & Service and put your vehicle on a maintenance schedule to keep your car, SUV, or light truck running smoothly and reliably. 
Regular Lube oil filter change is the key to engine longevity.


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