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Oil Change Maintenance | Extend Your Engine's Life

The key to your vehicle’s quality performance and longevity is consistent regular maintenance and service. An oil change is the most important maintenance service for the engine. Albion Auto Sales & Service in Bolton / Caledon, ON would love the opportunity to design a maintenance service, and oil change, Quick lube schedule that’s perfectly suited for your vehicle’s age, mileage and the manufacturer’s recommendation. Sufficient clean lubrication is vital to a fully functioning and durable engine. Most drivers understand that having the oil change done on time is absolutely necessary and that failing to change the oil regularly will shorten the engines life, and possibly cause the engine to fail prematurely. When you stay on top of your vehicle’s oil change's, you will notice, better gas mileage, better overall engine performance, and extended engine life. Our automotive technicians only use the proper motor oil type and grade during the quick lube. We offer conventional, as well as semi and full synthetic oil change. Make sure you know quality engine oil is being used in your vehicle.

Retain Your Vehicle’s  Resale Value | Oil Change Bolton, ON

The engine oil is what keeps all of the moving parts in the vehicle's engine lubricated, which reduces the friction of the moving components and therefore reducing wear. Your vehicle’s engine needs quality oil to ensure reliable, lasting performance. When the motor oil is left into long, its protective qualities begin to break down, lowering the ability of the engine oil to properly clean and reduce friction. Continuing to run your engine on oil that has lost its ability to effectively prevent friction between the metal parts, is asking for trouble. The excess friction will lead to overworking, overheating, and damage to vital engine components. If you leave the oil in long enough it will begin to bake in the engine, creating heavy sludge which can plug up your oil pump screen, oil filter and end up leaving your vehicle with little or no oil available to reduce the friction in the engine. Worse case the engine could be damaged or seize up.

Depending on your vehicle, an engine rebuild or replacement can be as expensive as buying a whole new vehicle. Let us help you avoid a total engine failure by following our effective oil change schedule. Visit us at Albion Auto Sales & Service and put your vehicle on a maintenance schedule to keep your car, SUV, or light truck running smoothly and reliably. Lube oil filter change is the key to engine longevity.

Schedule Your Oil Change With Us!

Our quick and convenient oil and filter changes in our quick lube bay, make keeping your vehicle’s maintenance schedule a stress-free situation. We know that you have better places to be than our mechanic repair shop, and we want to make sure you get there safely. That’s the goal of our preventative maintenance services.

The oil and filter change is the most important part of your engine’s maintenance plan. Keep your car well maintained to avoid unexpected, costly breakdowns. Give us a call at your earliest convenience to schedule your next service appointment. Our team of professionals is waiting to serve you at 905-857-8413. We look forward to serving you and keeping you safely on the road.

Oil Change | Keep Your Car Well Maintained

With every quick lubeoil and filter change service, we check and adjust all tire pressure as needed, check all exterior light bulb operation, top up the windshield washer fluid, and check all other fluids condition and level. We offer conventional oil changesemi-synthetic oil change as well as a full synthetic oil change. We are here to help you keep your car well maintained, which will help ensure it will be ready when you are, to take you where you need to be. 

Warranty Approved Oil Change | Quick Lube

At Albion Auto, your warranty is safe. So you can have peace of mind knowing that we precisely follow the service intervals and product specifications your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for the exact make, model and year of your vehicle. Rest assured that we do it right, and use warranty approved fluids, filters, and procedures.

Oil Change Near Me?

The next time you ask this question, “ oil change near me? “ just look for your local neighborhood Auto Repair Service. Albion Auto Sales & Service and keep checking back for coupons towards your next oil change and other maintenance services. 


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