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Located nearby in Bolton, Albion Auto is your best choice for a tire dealer for service on new tires and used tires. We sell all season tires, winter tires, all-terrain tires, performance tires as well as 4 season tires for cars, light trucks and SUV vehicles. We have very competitive pricing.
We try our best to work with our suppliers to keep the cost down and pass on the savings to you the consumer. 
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Tire Brands And Services

 We sell a wide assortment of tires including some of the industry’s most well-known brands, including GoodyearMichelin, Kumho, BridgestonePirelliBridgestone, HankookContinentalBF Goodrich and many more.
We also perform tire repairstire plugstire patcheswheel balancing and more. Give us a call if you want us to give you a price, or have any questions. To contact us use the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.
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The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Tires

At Albion Auto, we sell most brands of new tires and have a small selection of used tires. We think new tire sales and used tire sales are an important part of any full-service auto repair shop. But unlike the strictly tires tire shop, we have fully trained mechanic/technicians on hand to properly inspect the vehicle while it is in for tires.
We also do tire repairs. When we perform a tire repair we properly inspect the tire and inform the owner of the best way to proceed, either to perform the repair or replace it with a new tire
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The main functions of a vehicle’s tires are, supporting the vehicle load, transmitting traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorbing road shocks, and changing and maintaining the direction of travel. 

Tread depth

Tread depth is essential to a well-performing tire. Water accumulates on the road during wet conditions. Tires need tread for better traction during these harsh conditions. The grooves on your tires work to siphon water away from the tires when the road is wet.



When a vehicle is traveling too fast, or the tire treads are not able to channel enough water out from beneath the tire, hydroplaning may occur. Hydroplaning is when your vehicle’s tires lose contact with the road and skim across a thin layer of water instead, causing a loss of control of the vehicle.


Important to inspect

There are some important things to inspect on each of your vehicle’s tires on a regular basis, including the tread depth, the tread wear, air pressure, and any damage or signs of deterioration.



Tire tread

If the tread on the tires is not at the proper depth, it can become difficult for enough water to be carried out from beneath the tires. This will increase the possibility that you could lose control of the vehicle.


wear and tear

Wear and tear of your vehicle’s tires is a normal result of driving. However, you may notice that certain areas of your tires, or even one or two of your tires, may be showing more wear than others. Uneven tire wear can be caused by many issues including under or overinflated tires, improper wheel alignment, faulty suspension components, and feathering due to an improper toe setting.

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Tire Rotation And Balancing

The wheel balance and placement of your tires is important, as well. Unbalanced tires will affect the handling of your vehicle, potentially leading to costly repairs. Regular tire rotations help extend the life of your tires by allowing each tire to serve in as many of the vehicle’s wheel positions as possible.
It is an advantage when all four tires wear out together because you can get a new set of tires without being forced to buy pairs. Have your tires rotated every six months or 15,000 km and the tire balance checked annually.


Some interesting facts.

Toe setting
The toe setting is the direction of the tires point in relation to the center line of the vehicle. Uneven tire wear can significantly reduce the life of your tires, and reduce fuel mileage, which may end up costing you a lot of money.
tire pressure importance
Your tires have an air pressure specification. If they are over or under inflated your tires will suffer, as will your gas mileage and driving maneuverability. A quality tire pressure gauge is all you need to inspect your tire air pressure.
tire pressure gauge

The tire pressure gauge allows you to measure the pounds per square inch (PSI) of your tires to ensure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Most passenger car tires should have between 32 and 35 psi pressure when they are cold.

maintain correct pressure

By maintaining the correct tire pressure, you will ensure increased fuel economy, and your vehicle will be a much safer and more comfortable driving vehicle. You should never try to visually estimate the inflation pressure of your tires. Always use a tire pressure gauge.

Ambient temperatures

Ambient temperatures affect your tire pressure. Cold weather will cause tire air pressure to drop, while warm weather will cause tire pressure to increase.

You should check your tire pressure periodically as part of good vehicle maintenance.
when the seasons change
It is especially important to check it when the seasons change. Many modern vehicles come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). An icon on your dashboard will alert you if the system has detected changes in the tire air pressure.
Overinflated tires

Overinflated tires become rigid and stiff, causing the tire’s contact patch, the amount of rubber that touches the road, to be reduced. This leads to a less comfortable ride, as well as uneven tread wear. The most common type of uneven tread wear is due to over inflation and is referred to as center wear.

Under inflated tires

Under inflated tires have adverse effects, as well. Under inflated tires do not hold their shape and are flatter to the ground. Therefore, more of the tire’s surface touches the road, causing the shoulders of the tire to wear prematurely. This is referred to as shoulder wear.

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Tire Replacement
When replacing your tires, at the local tire shop, do not assume all tires and brands are alike. There are dozens of tire brands available, each of which has its own pecking order of quality. Similar to choosing name brand appliances or designer clothes for their level of quality, consider the quality of your vehicle’s tires carefully. From Michelin tires to BFG and Hankook.
Do your homework about which tires are best suited to your geographical area, weather conditions, driving habits, and budget. Also, when you have your tires replaced, have new valve stems installed at the same time.
Take the time to inspect and learn about the tires on your vehicle. Thoroughly inspect your tires at least once a month and ensure the right amount of air pressure is always present. Take care of your tires, and they will take care of you. 
The next time you need new tires whether it be summer tires or winter tires, call the tire sales experts at Albion Auto. We are a tire shop within a full-service auto repair facility that can handle any tire related repairs and replacements. We do tire repairs, tire balancing, tire rotations and more.
Tire shop near me? The next time you ask this question, just look for your neighborhood Car Repair Service. Albion Auto Sales & Service
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What Those Numbers On Our Tires Mean
There are three key pieces of information in the numbers molded in the sidewall of your tire. We’ve broken down an example tire number of P215/65R15 89H below so that you can more easily understand the numbers on your tire and find the right replacement for your vehicle.
Tire Size:
“P” indicates that this tire is made specifically for a passenger car, minivan, CUV, or SUV.
“215” indicates the tire width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall.
“65” indicates this tire’s percent ratio of height to width.
“R” stands for Radial – the type of tire construction of nearly every tire on the market.
“15” indicates your rim diameter in inches.
Your vehicle is built and tested based on the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire size. Choosing a different tire size may affect your vehicle’s overall performance and durability.
Weight Rating:
“89” indicates the maximum weight this tire can carry: 1,279 lbs. This is not a number you need to be concerned with when purchasing tires unless you’re pulling or carrying heavy loads.
Speed Rating:
“H” indicates the maximum speed at which this tire can drive: 130 mph. Your vehicle’s tires should be the same or higher than the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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