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If your transmission system has begun to wear out, Albion Auto Sales & Service in Bolton, ON strongly suggests bringing your vehicle to us for quality transmission repair services. Our mechanics have the experience needed to properly repair, maintain your transmission.


Albion Auto Sales & Service provides routine transmission maintenance services to clients at a fair price. Our trained mechanics offer fluid and filter changes for all makes and models of both foreign and domestic vehicles. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built on honest service and competitive prices. 


The transmission in your vehicle is complex and very important. It is responsible for allowing your car to change gears, which in turn makes a difference in the torque ratio, which is necessary for giving the right amount of power to your vehicle's wheels. With time your vehicle's transmission may begin to wear out, leaving you with the option for a transmission rebuild. Albion Auto Sales & Service will install a rebuilt transmission for an affordable price, and include a 1 year 20,000km warranty.

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  • Diagnostics
  • Clutch repairs
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Make sure to ask about our warranties; from 1 year or 20,000 km to 5 years or 100,000  km.

Transmission Adjustments & In-Car Repairs

The technicians at Albion Auto SalEs & Service understand that problems with your vehicle's transmission can often be resolved with adjustments or a minor repair. In fact, a simple adjustment can be done without even removing the transmission from the vehicle. When a late model transmission is failing to shift correctly, it can often be due to a faulty sensor receiving incorrect signals from the computer. Additionally shifting problems can arise when a transmission is not responding to the computer correctly due to a bad connection or a defective solenoid pack. These types of repairs can be fixed without having to remove the transmission from the vehicle saving you a considerable amount of money when compared to a complete overhaul.

In situations where a non computer-controlled transmission is either shifting too early or too late, the throttle cable may need to be adjusted. Seldom will a throttle cable go out of adjustment on its own or because of wear and tear, but rather most mis-adjustments are a result of other repair work or due to damage from an accident. When a vacuum modulator is used in lieu of a throttle cable, an adjustment screw can be used to correct a transmission problem. When a vehicle uses a modulator instead of a throttle cable it is crucial that there be no vacuum leaks and the engine is performing at peak efficiency. The vacuum conditions of an engine are very sensitive and significantly impact the performance of an engine. Our technicians will quite often use a vacuum gauge when diagnosing a vehicle's performance problem and state of tune. Many of the problems a vehicle's transmission may present will disappear after a thorough tune-up or other engine performance related repairs are completed.

What are tips for the best transmission maintenance?

Albion Auto Sales & Service will often be asked by those in the Bolton / Caledon, ON area who rely on our team of auto repair mechanics for their automotive expertise and advice, what are the best tips or suggestions for keeping an automatic or manual transmission properly maintained. As such, We have put together the following list we hope will be useful to anyone in the Bolton / Caledon area who may be wondering about how to properly maintain the transmission in a vehicle.

  • Be certain to have the scheduled maintenance done on the transmission in accordance with the vehicle owner's manual
  • It is best to always have the transmission fluid inspected when having an oil change.
  • Avoid driving around the in a vehicle that has little or NO transmission fluid
  • Never switch gears from Drive to Reverse when a vehicle is moving
  • Wheels should not be spun on vehicles that have Front Wheel Drive
  • When experiencing a transmission problem it is best to not drive the vehicle as doing so may result in additional damage or harm
  • It is always best practice not to "drag race" a vehicle as doing so puts unnecessary strain on an automatic transmission
  • Unless a a vehicle is an automatic 4x4 or All Wheel, it is not recommended to drive in 4x4 range on dry asphalt
  • Prior to shifting gear into another range it is always recommended to come to a complete stop first
  • When driving around the greater Kingston area with a Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive vehicle it is best to not drive with mismatched tire sizes or on spare tires

We hope that these tips on transmission maintenance have been helpful to anyone in the Bolton / Caledon  area who has an interest in how to maintain a transmission


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